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Paradise Projects – Brussels, 2021 


What would life be like without corona? That is something that is becoming increasingly difficult for us to imagine today. VUB curator Hans De Wolf is therefore presenting a new exhibition on the USquare campus that will make you forget the pandemic for a while. With the umbrella project ‘PARADISE PROJECTS’, five different art projects act as if the virus was never there or as if it doesn’t matter. With this project, the artists want to offer perspective and utopia after a year of corona. In addition, the exhibition also includes a Marcel Duchamps room and an orb that will remain a secret until its opening on May 28. At the end of the exhibition, to which you are kindly invited, participating artist Honoré d’O will be honored as the first ‘Master of Arts’ by VUB rector Caroline Pauwels. 

The corona pandemic has now ravaged the world for more than a year, but the ‘Paradise Projects’ are trying to make it forget. Eight visual artists created 5 projects with the essence of Human DNA as the common thread. Each artist questions a different aspect of human nature in his own way. The ‘Duchamp room’ with a remake of the well-known ‘oratorio’ from 1987 joins the project and completes the dialogue as a sixth chapter in the story. 

A Laudatio for Honoré d’O 

The most extensive project of the exhibition ‘Title with salmon … God is a Child’ is presented by the artist Honoré d’O, one of the most important Belgian installation and video artists active at home and abroad. As a reward for his pioneering work in the art world, he was the first to be awarded the title of ‘Master of Arts’ by Rector Caroline Pauwels. With this new honorific title, the VUB wants to “honor” a deserving artist on an annual basis. 

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