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JRSLM – Brussels, 2019


An exhibition of the 50th anniversary of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. From October 17, 2019 to December 14, 2019 at the following locations: Pilar (VUB), the Braem Building (VUB) and SeeU – USquare. 

The further we penetrate into the still young 21st century, the more we become aware of a compelling paradox that the 20th century has left unresolved: on the one hand, our society becomes almost unbearably rational, with codes and controls, objectives to be achieved and threats, while on the other day after day the news is filled with reports of religious intolerance, of conflicts waged in the name of all kinds of religions and opinions, with populism and ‘fake news’ being the newest member of the group. 

JRSLM – an exhibition with which VUB celebrates its creation 50 years ago – attempts to investigate why this is the case. 

And the crux of the story comes down to the fact that all the knowledge available on our campus will never suffice to determine exactly what it takes to make a person truly FREE and strong enough to withstand these challenges. If we want to understand how such individual freedom works, we may well be in need of a mystical dimension that inevitably always seems to have a hell and a dark side, as it always has been. And maybe we should just try not to check this… 

More info:

  • https://www.vub.be/events/2019/expo-jrslm