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Buckminster Fuller Loge – Robert Buckminster Fuller

The American architect, engineer, inventor, poet, and social activist Robert BUCKMINSTER FULLER, nicknamed “Bucky”, can be considered as one of the most original and adventurous minds of the 20th Century. He was also among the first dwellers on Earth asking respect for the shape and the future of our planet which he called “Spaceship Earth”, a present that came to us without a manual. From his close observation of nature, he extracted hundreds of inventions. He also produced one of the most reliable projections of the globe, called: “The Dymaxion Map of the World”.  His ideas and philosophy can be considered as a wonderful tool for studying the problems our society is confronted with. A group of academics and researchers will take Bucky’s lessons as a source of inspiration for advising Brussels Regional Government.


The presentation of the work of Richard Buckminster Fuller was one of the highlights in the “Bright Room” of the JRSLM project, which already gave rise to an intense collaboration with the VUB architecture department. First steps were taken for a much broader approach, not only in combination with ULB, but also with the municipality of Ixelles and the cabinet of Minister Elke Van Den Brandt.