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Body Speech

BRUSSELS BODY SPEECH was the first project to bring together cultural and academic diplomacy. It was held at the invitation of Minister Jean-Luc Vanraes and took place in Shanghai on the occasion of the 2010 World Expo. The exhibition received around 20,000 visitors during the 20 days of presentation.
The exhibition featured works by five Brussels artists. The documentary “Technocalyps” by Brussels artist Frank Theys, which explores the world and the views of a group of scientists obsessed with the search for eternal life, was shown. The choreographer and dancer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker showed her film “Rosas Danst Rosas”, in which the format of the human body was celebrated. In addition, a huge colorful fog by Ann-Veronica Janssens and a film project by David Claerbout were witnessed. Finally, Joelle Tuerlinckx’s “conceptual world” was something new for China. So, several universities were involved in the project.